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What is the Family Involvement Plan?

The Family Involvement Plan is one requirement of the federally funded program called Title I, and Lacoochee Elementary School is a Title I school. The money provided by this program helps schools that have a large number of low-income children.

This plan was put together by teachers, staff, parents and community members. It is a way for parents to work with teachers and the school’s staff to do everything possible to improve their children’s success in school.

The Family Involvement Plan answers three questions about the relationship between parents, their children and the school.

  1. What are the ways the school will tell parents about their children’s progress?
  2. The school will explain the curriculum, how it measures their children’s progress and what is expected from their children at each grade.

Parents will get this information from:

  • Phone conferences with their children’s teachers or staff members.
  • Homework folders/planners sent home.
  • Newsletters and flyers sent home.
  • Progress reports in the middle of each school quarter.
  • Report cards at the end of each quarter.
  • Face-to-face conferences with their children’s teachers. These very important meetings are the parents’ chance to help the teachers decide on ways to help their children do better.
  1. The school will hold meetings for parents where they can learn more about the school’s activities and can suggest ways to improve them.

The meetings parents can attend include:

  • Workshops that cover things about the school and curriculum parents need to know.
  • A Title I meeting where parents can learn what Title I is, what that means for the school and the students, and how parents can be more involved in the school.
  • The School Advisory Council that meets monthly during the school year.
  • The PCTO meetings where parents can help plan activities like the Fall Festival.

What is the school expected to provide parents and their children?

  1. The school must provide a high-quality curriculum and teachers that will help their children meet the state’s high standards.
  2. The school must provide a supportive and effective place for their children to learn so they can meet the state’s high standards.
  3. The school will provide parents the information in the language they understand.
  4. The school will educate teachers to reach out to parents as equal partners in their children’s education.
  5. The school will include parents and make them feel welcome at all school activities if they are migrants, speak little English, or are disabled.

What are parents’ responsibilities in their children’s education?

  1. Parents must understand that they are important people in their children’s education and must work with the teachers, staff and their children to improve academic achievement.
  2. Parents must learn the ways they can support their children’s learning and must participate in decisions about their children’s education.
  3. Parents must talk with their children’s teachers when they or the teachers feel the need so problems that might make it hard for their children to do well in school can be solved together.

Lacoochee Elementary Parent Involvement Plan


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