Lacoochee Elementary School Core Values

Lacoochee Elementary School Core Values


Integrity- We will be respectful, open, and honest to all faculty and staff and conduct ourselves in an ethical manner in all areas, even when no one may be watching.


Teamwork- We will work efficiently and collaboratively to achieve common goals while objectively valuing everyone’s ideas and as a team, equally share the responsibility of the workload.


Communication- We will always communicate effectively, clearly, openly, and professionally with all employees.


Child focused- We will provide a nurturing, positive, safe, and motivational learning environment that is based on student needs, while fostering student progress and growth.


Respect- We will respect everyone in our school community as they all play an equally important role in the District’s Vision.


Professionalism- We will conduct ourselves in a professional, ethical manner by being responsible for our actions, meeting deadlines, being on time, actively participating in school activities, and complying with the norms and expectations as determined.